Prepare for Baseless Preconceptions to be Smashed with Dawish Khush’s Rap Single “Blakkk Man”

If you appreciate Hip Hop which takes the disparity and suffering in contemporary society and turns it on its head through a feat of lyrical ingenuity, prepare to adore up and coming Rap artist Dawish Khush’s single “Blakkk Man”.

The single is just one of the sobering, thought compelling tracks found on Dawish Khush’s 2018 album “Khuture” which contains 18 short and sweet tracks to challenge your preconceptions. Music has always played an essential role in helping people to figure out the world. Blakkk Man proves how absolutely ridiculous it is for people to still carry baseless preconceptions through a playfully antagonistic single. The beats are kept Old School and understated while Dawish Khush’s bars lead the way through the powerful mix.

You can check out Dawish Khush’s album Khuture for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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