PREMIERE: ‘Cali High’ The Perfect Summertime Pop Track From M.R.J

M.R.J is a driven performer and songwriter who set out to put a lot of emotion and depth into his brand new single, Cali High.

As the artist aptly stated, this song is actually an autobiographical atmospheric dance track. The lyrics are personal and a bit nostalgic, yet they also have a lot of hope and energy. The message is clear: there are many ups and downs through life, but it is all about the attitude – pushing forward and making it through all the struggles one could face.
It is not easy to take a genre such as dance music and make it really personal – However, M.R.J managed to do just that, with a song that’s appealing, catchy and full of powerful lyrics that would make for an epic sing-along.

The song’s lush texture and deep atmospheres fall in perfectly with the massive dance beats, going for an incredible production aesthetics that feels modern, yet organic and direct.

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