Preacherman Drops His Latest Single “The World is Mine” ft. Miz Tiffany

For his latest single “The World is Mine” the established Hip Hop artist Preacherman teamed up with Miz Tiffany to create a fresh new drop which offers a little more absolution than your average offering from a Rap artist. Miz Tiffany’s Missy Elliot-style Rap vocals bring a striking dynamic and fresh energy to the single but there’s no denying that Preacherman could have held his own in the hard-hitting single.

Don’t let the fact that Preacherman has been ordained question his ability to wax lyrical and lay down heavy authoritative bars with lyrics that are aimed to inspire. The World is Mine is a track that resonates regardless of your religious inclinations thanks to pitch-perfect production and visceral amount of good vibes poured into the mix. Couldn’t we all need a few more good vibes right now?

You can checkout Preacherman’s latest single “The World is Mine” for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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