Prada Rose Preaches Freedom With “King’s Tomb”

“King’s Tomb” is a Rap single from the EP Scriptures from Prada Rose. This song kicks off with a chilled mellow piano intro and an introductory “welcome to the King’s Tomb”. Incredible descriptions starting from the beginning of the very first verse allow the listener to visualize exactly where the artist is coming from. The greatest bit of lyrical artistry is when you can listen to a track and get a direct visual from what you are hearing, but yet there is still “something” that feels open to interpretation. This thematic direct-yet-indirect concept is an idea that laces “King’s Tomb” from top to bottom.

The flow of rhymes befalls the listening ears like a waterfall; the rhymes keep coming in a never-ending barrage, but it is a gentle and pleasurable experience as they gracefully enter your ears and serenade your brain. Despite the overall dark tonality of this record, there are glimpses of light and bright spots that will catch the listener throughout the track. For this reviewer, the lyric “I just wanna be me, RIP to the old me” offers an opportunity for self reflection and realization.

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