Pop Rock Artist Evan Petruzzi Releases Her Resoundingly Unapologetic Anthem “Sideshow”

Right from the start of Evan Petruzzi’s latest single “Sideshow” you get a sense of just how anthemically the single will build.

The percussion leads the way for the female vocalist to astound you with her vocals which contain an unapologetic Rock attitude combined with a perfect Pop polish and a hint of Country blues to allow her to set herself apart from pretty much every other female vocalist out there right now.

If you can imagine Hayley Williams taking a Blusier approach to her sound, you’d get an idea of how much Evan Petruzzi power has in her vocals. You get a real sense that Sideshow wasn’t just created for the sake of putting music out there, the depth of the passion in the lyrics makes it apparent that Sideshow was as cathartic and empowering to write as it was to listen to.

You can check out Evan Petruzzi’s stunning second single by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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