Pop meets trip-hop in COHLCANTRECALL’s hypnotically sultry single ‘H.D.H.T.K.’


Pop meets trip-hop in COHLCANTRECALL’s hypnotically sultry latest single ‘H.D.H.T.K. (he don’t have to know)’ which dropped on January 15th.

If you’re constantly noticing the duality between relationships in love songs and relationships in real life, you’ll appreciate how COHLCANTRECALL bridges the gap. Her straight from the soul single captures the emotions which come to fruition when you’ve been mistreated and you’re compelled to take back ownership of your own body and pleasure. Kathleen Hanna couldn’t have said it better.

H.D.H.T.K. may be lyrically gritty, but the mellow and hazy beats are as smooth as they come as they pull in hints of contemporary RnB.

H.D.H.T.K. is available to stream and purchase via apple music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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