Pop Artist Tony Apolczer Has Made Their Debut with the Captivating EP “Midnight”

Tony Apolczer has recently released their debut EP “Psychology”, while each of the singles is expressively immersive, the best introduction to their sound is undoubtedly “Midnight”.

The stylised contemporary ballad starts off as a stripped-bare soundscape offering only the tentative minor keys of the piano and Tony Apolczer’s overwhelmingly powerful vocals.  Then, the momentum steady builds in a suspenseful feat of melancholic exhilaration.

The fluctuating tension in Midnight stands as a testament to the up and coming artist’s ability to orchestrate arrestive music which doesn’t just captivate through rhythmically appealing melodies. Instead, it’s perceptible that Tony Apolczer throws their whole soul into their singles. It wouldn’t surprise me if not all too many people made it to the end of Midnight dry-eyed.

You can check out the emotive alchemy of Midnight for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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