Pop Artist Rajiv Releases Newest Single Alongside Remix of ‘See You Dance’

See you dance by British born singer-songwriter and performer Rajiv was released on the 1st of May, 2018. The song has garnered loads of positive reception from music critics across the UK and even the States since its release.

Born to a Mauritanian father and Trinidadian mother, Rajiv became passionate about music at a young age and has since then kept an unbroken fellowship with the art. Listening to R&B, Soul, Pop and Hip-hop joints from childhood helped shape the singer-songwriter into the music genius he is today.

Rajiv who isn’t a new name in the music industry has done well for himself as he’s got a number of hits under his belt, and has also won the heart of a great many individuals across the Uk and Asia with his musical talent. He’s noted to have performed at the Wembley Arena, and even across Europe in such countries as Russia, and Spain.

The year 2012 saw Rajiv release a song titled Catch me if you can which became a hit owing to its distinctive beat and great music concept. The song was well received and even compared to R&B and Pop music icon Chris Brown’s 2009 hit Wall to Wall.

With his new single See You Dance co-written by Michael MacDermid and produced by David Brant, Rajiv offers the music community a beautiful pop song to vibe to in the coming summer months.

See You Dance is an upbeat and feel good song with enough power to lift your spirits and get you in a party mood. In fact, listening to the strong beat and enchanting melody of this song sure puts you under Rajiv’s dance spell, a state where all you want to do is just dance thereby granting him his one wish. “I came to see you dance.”

Following release of See You Dance, Rajiv also released visuals to the song and did a remix for the song as well. Trust us, you’re gonna love this one. It’s a jam!!!

See You Dance by Rajiv and its accompanying remix is available for streaming on iTunes and Spotify. Visuals for the song can also be gotten on YouTube. Go have some fun with this groovy song.

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