Pleasure And Pain: Idaho-based storyteller Bosco wonders where the love went on ‘UNME’

As he looks deep within her fiery soul to see where the love went to after all these years, Bosco is worried that the darkness might be too far within and covering up all the former radiant light on his latest single called ‘UNME‘.

Bosco Oliver aka Bosco is a proud father and unique solo indie Americana/Country/Blues singer-songwriter who is based in Pocatello, Idaho.

This music is all I own, and I only own that as long as my mind works. I’ve spent my life writing music. It’s a spirit world to me.” ~ Bosco

With a towering presence that has you downright absorbed from start to finish, Bosco seems to possess the kind of raw voice that makes you take note and stop what you are doing immediately. He is a Dad first and an artist second – who shows us into his world that is soaked with gritty stories – that are only filled with truth and absent of that fake flash that so many unwisely fall into.

UNME‘ from the experienced Pocatello, Idaho-based Americana/Country/Blues solo artist Bosco, is such a striking track that it automatically takes you to a time when a past lover started to really concern you. He sings with real depth and these are proper lyrics that have been written by a man who has really lived – and could easily write a few books – that would be filled full of exciting stories.

This is the kind of classic sounding single, that you feel could live in any era as it makes you feel like you have heard one of those true underrated artists who like to stay underground as they make music for the love of creating memories.

See this new honest music video on YouTube and see more info via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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