Please Don’t Tell My Mama: pat for now shows us the hazy college dream on ’48 Theresa’

Taken off his honest nine-track album smartly named ‘Broke College Kids‘, pat for now puts the books away and impresses highly on his new true-story party-filled and lighter-sparked single ‘48 Theresa‘.

pat for now is a New Jersey-based indie rapper, singer-songwriter, biology college student and music producer. He loves to make that funky fresh hip-hop beats with a added jazz and RnB flavored element to sweeten our taste buds.

The cover song. This song highlights what it means to be a Broke College Kid in every single way. A feel good groovy summer vibe that I’m certain will be stuck in your head.” ~ pat for now

On a sunglasses-snugly nestled onto you hungover face, as you down some delicious water to get the horrid taste of those regretful-but-fun tequilas –  that were hungrily lapped up last night – this is a scrumptious track to embrace. The energy is totally straight up, as you immerse yourself into the vivid stories about being in student debt, and wondering how this is all going to turn out.

48 Theresa‘ from the New Jersey-based indie rapper and music producer pat for now, is one of those groovy tracks you just can’t help but appreciate. In this wild world full of self-doubt, pandemics and wars, you can’t blame anyone for sparking up and feeling rather distracted with everything going on. This is a college classic that features such a smoothly-lit flow with a chilled ambiance of such magnificence – which has your eyes alive and your body moving freely – to this quality new track all about those wild times at college.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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