Playa Fly – Live: Fast & Furious Hip Hop

Playa Fly doesn’t fall short of positive reviews, his music is celebrated by tens of thousands of fans that are bowed down to the respect his rap verses command. I’m pretty sure in the duration of his latest track ‘Live’ which came straight off his latest album ‘Go Live’ he didn’t stop to take a breath for two minutes. Picking up the context behind the track other than it’s about ‘going live’ is fairly difficult with the high tempo track and relentless flow of lyrics that your mind stumbles over as you try to decipher them, regardless this track is as fresh as Rap comes. The beat is barely audible over his domineering pace, but with a flow that veracious, who really cares?

If harsh Hip Hop is your bag, you can check out Playa Fly’s latest mix using the link below:

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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