Pitch’s ‘Best Friend’s Clothes’ is feel-good London-lo-fi

London-based artist Pitch has released new track ‘Best Friend’s Clothes’ – a breezy feeling spoken word and electronic R&B-infused effort.

‘Best Friend’s Clothes’ doesn’t shy away from the creator’s identity and helps encapsulate a good part of Pitch’s presence – with the track’s concise feel and pleasant composition greatly helps it from overstaying its welcome. In fact, it helps give Pitch’s stoic, if not languid, voice a rather impactful feel, with some enjoyable streetwise lyrics sometimes shining through at the moment they need to. 

‘Best Friend’s Clothes’ is worth a listen if you want to explore some more alternative avenues of lowkey, independent lo-fi rap that fits as a solid halfway house between dreary boozy lyrics, and rhythmically carefree flows.

You can listen to and watch ‘Best Friends Clothes’ on Pitch’s YouTube channel here.

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