Pim – Forgive Me: Aurally Alchemic Moody R&B Soul

Of all of the R&B & Soul tracks I’ve checked out this year, up and coming artist Pim’s latest single “Forgive Me” is by far the most resounding.

The dark, moody bass-driven Trap beats make Forgive Me a strikingly atmospheric track through layering the notes with lush amounts of reverb while allowing the smacks of the 808s to hit with plenty of harsh and unforgiving snare. Accessibility can be found through Pim’s vocals will give you all of the soul which more archetypal R&B tracks offer in an unforgettably arrestive aural contrast.

The melancholy perceptibly went undiluted when the poised lyrics for Forgive Me were penned. Combine them with Pim’s emotive vocal performance and you can pinpoint the reason why the artist’s sound is so refreshingly compelling.

You can check out Pim’s latest single Forgive Me for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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