Pilot Run – Ghost of Me: The Ultimate Anthem of Alt Rock Angst

As far as Alt Rock anthems go, it doesn’t really get much better than Pilot Run’s latest debut Ghost of Me, their single dropped April 2018 and proved to be an elementally furious yet amiably mix of Pop Punk and Post Hardcore sound.

Pilot Run are an Essex, UK based outfit who pride themselves on their guitar-driven instrumentals to create some of the most raucously immersive breakdowns. It only takes seconds when the first verse to hit you to fall in love with the vocalist’s resonant vocal range as he verses the lyrics that project pure beautiful venom over the up-beat Pop Punk anthemic rhythm section. With Ghost of Me Pilot Run have reinvigorated the Alt Rock scene, and I can’t recommend checking out their pensively aggressive sound on SoundCloud enough. I found an infinite amount of catharsis through listening to the track which skates around issues such as anger, grief, loss and death, sounds pretty deep right? Yet still somehow Pilot Run keep their anthemic melodies lighter than air.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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