Philp Guele has released their intimate indie-pop earworm ‘She is My Summer’.

You’d assume that a retired airline employee would have plenty of stories to tell; based on Philp Guele’s single, ‘She is My Summer’, we can confirm that is the case.

The prolific traveller got some crimps in their travel plans during the 2020 lockdown; instead of jet-setting to new locations, he revisited old memories and pulled the poetry out of them. The poetry soon ended up as lyrics to their amorous indie-pop earworms such as She’s My Summer.

The slightly lo-fi vibe amplifies the intimacy of the proclamation and shows just how torrid and intense our lives can become when a whirlwind romance starts to kick up dust. It’s a timelessly relatable release that falls nicely into the contemporary demand for folky acoustic pop.

She is My Summer is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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