Philip STEVENSON – Will You Call My Name ft Emarie: Archaically Funk-Laden EDM Pop


Pop songwriter Philip STEVENSON has recently affirmed why so many accolades have fallen upon him during his career as a melody contortionist with the release of their single “Will You Call My Name”.

By borrowing the deftly magnetic vocals from singer Emarie, incredible chemistry was introduced into the synergistic EDM Pop track which simultaneously offers Funk-laden familiarity and uniquely compelling concordant charm. The tempo may be middling, but the euphoric vibe of the track offers a distinctive potency.

While there’s a touch of archaic soul infused into Will You Call My Name the stylistic maturity of the multi-layered, stylistically Jazz-infused electronic single defines the track.

You can check out Philip STEVENSON’s single Will You Call My Name for yourselves by heading over to their website now

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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