Peaceful energy by South African singer Beverly Jayne on her beautiful single ”Breathe”

When you are thinking too much it can be easy to forget something so simple like breathing. You get caught up in the moment and overthink for hours while pilling up worries like rocks in your backpack. Eventually you are going to be weighed down while climbing that mountain and fall back. Rolling down that hill will be sore but you will learn. Taking that breath will make you feel lighter and happier.

Beverly Jayne is one of the great female rock singers in South Africa and has made her mark fronting SA band Concussion Girl. From growing up with a rocker dad to her music teacher Gran- Beverly was always destined to be on stage. She is renowned as a phenomenal live performer with a distinctively unique vocal style. I get in lost in her voice and I feel like this artist deserves the biggest possible stage.

Breathe” is a strong song and gets you thinking about your hopes and dreams. The track is simple but effective and I suddenly start breathing more while remembering that everything is going to be okay. I’m excited by Beverly Jayne’s song and it makes me feel happy. This is an artist with real stories and soul. She has played all of the country and hopefully will get a chance to tour overseas so that new fans can be born.

Click on the YouTube link to hear this good song and get more from this wonderfully talented musician.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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