Paul Alty’s Orchestration of Momentum-Fuelled EDM

As someone who grew up on the music of New Order and Depeche Mode, it was practically impossible for me not to fall in love with Paul Alty’s latest EDM Dance album.

The Liverpool, UK based artist may be up and coming but his command of electronica is something that all too many mature EDM artists would die for. Vocals are rendered unnecessary in his compositions which carry so much emotion through the synthesised effect they tell you all you need to know about the motivation behind the sound. There’s a brilliant amount of resistance carried within the multi-layered beat which carries a dizzying amount of momentum. The drops may be relatively subtle in comparison to Deep House mixes, but the end result still has the same rollercoaster effect where you feel as though your stomach lining has been replaced by rocks.

The self-confessed synth geek has proven that all of the time invested pawing over synthesisers and drum machines has paid off with his ability to create tracks as momentously euphoric as the one’s contained in his latest album.

You can check out Paul Alty’s latest album Pulse for yourselves by heading over to  SoundCloud now

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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