Patrick VDV – The Conversion: Intellectually-Inspired Hip Hop

“The Conversion” is the latest resoundingly immersive single to be released by Cape Town-based up and coming Hip Hop Rap artist Patrick VDV. Hip Hop may not be a popular genre in Cape Town, but what’s not to love about this linguistically pleasing, candidly exposing soundscape?

While you’ll find bass-soaked beats within the instrumental mix, you’ll also soak up the effervescent lighter electronic effects which give Patrick VDV’s track a spacey atmospheric vibe. JamalMusic ensured that the production was seamlessly polished, giving Patrick VDV a testament to their palpable talent.

The multi-layered mix pulls together to create the perfect platform for the artist’s inventive, insightful, and authoritative Rap bars which hook you in from the first verse. Anyone who has ever fought through depression or any other mental struggle is sure to find plenty of resonance in The Conversion. I can’t overstate how essential artists such as Patrick VDV who put out tracks to share common experiences are right now. Every reminder that isolating and alienating conditions aren’t all too uncommon makes the world a slightly more bearable place.

You can check out Patrick VDV’s latest single The Conversion for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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