Patrick Lew Band – Fate Is in Your Hands: Antagonistic Alt Rock

“Fate is in Your Hands” is just one of the potently emotive singles found on the standout album “Oakland” from up and coming artist Alt Patrick Lew Band. We’ve been told that Emo is making a come back for a while, and now, it’s safe to say that it has arrived under a brand-new guise of 90s inspired Fuzzy Alt Emo Rock.

The distorted guitar leads the way through the mix of caustic rhythms and sets the perfect antagonistic tone for the vocals which share similarities with bands such as Fidlar and Wavves with a raw gritty unharmonized edge. The vocals weren’t made with the intention of being soft and comforting, and while I will always be a fan of expressive aural disconcertment, the caustic energy fed into the 6-minute long mix wasn’t the easiest listening experience I’ve ever had.

You can check out Fate Is in Your Hands along with the rest of the album for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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