Paradise Outlaw Album Review: A Dousing of Sweet Americana Blues

Paradise Outlaw’s self-titled 2016 album is one that criminally never received the notoriety which it deserved. The Grand Rapids, Michigan based collective is comprised from an absolute powerhouse of talent from the rhythmal instrumentalists Kevin Langeland (guitar), Kyle Gifford (guitar), Nathan Vredeveld (drums), John Johnson (bass), and Colin Tobin’s grittily soulful vocal ability.

Wastin’ the Day has to be by standout favourite track from the album, the palpable rhythm bleeds pure Americana roots synergy whilst Tobin’ pertains to his iconic gruff sensibility around crystal clear keyboard arrangements that throw you back in time. Paradise Outlaws pioneering sound taps into warm vintage melodies and serve as a breath of fresh air against all of the superficially brash Rock that currently clogs the soundwaves. I have no doubt if the Southern Rock legends continue to produce such blissful Country Rock & Roll, they’ll be up their icons of the genre.

The 11 track album is now available to listen to on Spotify using the link below:

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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