PANDDA – Ultimatum: Hypnotically Moody EDM Pop

No one likes ultimatums. Yet PANDDA’s latest single “Ultimatum” is most definitely the exception. Ultimatum possesses the rare combination of a track which is as vocally dynamic as the beat is progressive. To perfectly round off the track, PANDDA teamed up with Tali Burton who irrefutably did their part in adding layers of harmony to the fiery easy listening beat.

Whilst the prelude may put you under the impression that you’re about to listen to an archetypally moody indie electro pop unfold, when the beat drops, the progression becomes unpredictably immersive. Despite the amount of visceral energy poured into the track, Ultimatum is still as easy to listen to as breathing thanks to the light arrangements which carry an exotic bite. The irony in the fact that the lyrics alluded to entrapment and wanting to escape definitely wasn’t lost.

You can check out Ultimatum for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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