PANDDA Drops Their Most Vibrantly Euphoric Track Yet with “Other Side”

After the euphoric masterpiece PANDDA created with his last single “Home” the bar was definitely set for his most recent release “Other Side”. With this track, it’s all about the feel-good rhythm and anthemic elements of Afrobeat which have been wrapped up into a Progressive House mix.

No matter how much is going on in terms of the instrumentals the intricate and bass-driven depths of the track the vocals always sit in the perfect position; just above the concordantly vibrant heat of the mix. In terms of production quality, you couldn’t ask for a cleaner and crisper sound. It’s probably about time that PANDDA moved from being a radio-ready artist to dominating the airwaves on every station.

You can check out PANDDA’s latest drop Other Side for yourselves by heading over to Spotify. Make sure to give the artist a follow, the prolific production machine never fails to disappoint with his mixes which leave you with the impression that there’s no soundscape which he can’t pull together to the tune of perfection.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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