Painting new pop with the finest of brush strokes

Finally a pop record with a difference. It is always great to come across a record where it is easy to see the appeal but which avoids the cliches and Cappellino’s Ghost Town is just that. And it is pop but without being everything that the term seems to stand for these days. It is much cleverer than that. It isn’t that it doesn’t sound totally accessible, thoroughly modern and wonderfully slick, it does, but what makes it so great is the sonic choices it makes.

The driving beat is built of hand claps, the body of the song is understated but deft guitar picking and the vocals emotive, honest and soulful and by the time it kicks into a higher gear as it heads towards its crescendo, it gets even more exotic, otherworldly and beautiful. In a world that thinks pop is all about painting musical landscapes with bright colours, Ghost Town is the most gorgeous watercolour depiction where at least half of the work is done by the spaces between the brush stokes.

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