Paige Milan – Superstar: Root-Deep Dancehall EDM

Paige Milan proved with her latest single Superstar that Pop and Dancehall fit together like hand in glove. Whilst everyone is riding the contemporary Electro Pop waves Paige has stripped back the Pop sound and planted the root deep elements of Dancehall into her sound. Her seductive style carries you all the way through the fluidity of the beat which carries the perfect balance of ambience and vibe. Superstar allows you to kick back and sink into the soundscapes, the male Reggae style vocals add the perfect hint of momentum to lift the track when it comes to the bridge. Superstar definitely won’t be a track you can just listen to once. Whilst the lyrics were fairly simple, there was still a glistening narrative which shone right the way through the track. Considering that Superstar is the Colonia, US based artist’s second single you really couldn’t ask for more. There is more than certainly a space on the soundwaves for her unique blend of urban beats and driven seduction.

You can check out Paige Milan’s latest single Superstar out for yourself by heading over to SoundCloud now.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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