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Finding yourself again: European Electro-Pop/Downtempo duo Anaté drop fascinating debut single ‘Confusion’

The gorgeous vocals and clean production captures your imagination right away as you drift into a visual vortex of emotions that both excites and scares you too. Anaté toys with our emotions to captivating effect here in 2020 with debut song ‘Confusion’.

Anaté is a supremely creative collaboration between elegant singer & songwriter Ana who lives in Paris and Berlin, with Milan based producer Delman handling the soundscapes to electrifying levels of pure enjoyment. You can tell that they share the same vision musically as this is cinematic experience that is so rare and compelling.

“My debut single Confusion talks about duality. It’s about the conflict between what we want and what we are ‘allowed to want’; between who we are and expected to be; between emotion and reason. We all experience moments of inner conflict like that. Confusion explores these contrasting concepts and invites us to embrace both.” – Ana

Set for release on the 28th November 2020, this is a debut track that has so much tease and intrigue already. The deep thoughts of being in that vividly beautiful dreamy world you have created for yourself, while also dealing with what current reality has to offer, has truly opened up your eyes and soul to conflicting emotions.

Anaté’sConfusion’ is an irresistible listen that makes you feel as though you are transporting in the Matrix and can slide from each world as you please. The journey to finally embracing yourself and accepting these thoughts is a long but ultimately self-healing mission. After all, knowing yourself better will help you love deeper and open your heart to many possibilities.

Hear this wonderful creation on Anaté’s Spotify and find out more about their vision on Facebook and IG.

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Home studio goodness: Australia’s Eastrn Social transports us into a different world on the indie-electronica sizzler ‘Sound So Clear’

This is the splendid solo project of producer/songwriter Liam Gray called Eastrn Social and the earthy electronic waves drift in like a sneaky side-wash on ‘Sound So Clear‘. The bursting beat is such an intrigue and teases us to dip our toes into the seas of the unknown.

You close your eyes tightly to visualize the dreamy alt-pop transparent sounds that are a blessing to our eyes and his gasping voice floats inside your soul so beautifully. The relaxed electronica has you in a temporary gaze that is such a pleasurable experience in current times as the ambiance blesses the anxious speakers inside us.

The Newcastle, New South Wales native draws you in like a fine pencil with a music artwork that keeps your body moving in rhythm. This is a song all about meeting in the middle to get the full picture is portrayed here, as sometimes we can drift apart so quickly and get lost on the dark ocean of life. What was so easy before can sometimes become so hard and complicated. To truly work together in life or love, each relationship needs work and compassion for the flow to stream just right.

Australian home studio producer and singer-songwriter Eastrn Social has a fantastic formula that races in like a Daniel Ricciardo fastest lap. This is a musician that is different from the rest of the musicians out there and the intricately created authentic sounds transfix you into wanting more. ‘Sound So Clear’ is exactly what is on the label and this pure energy is like a crisp summer’s day in the ocean seas.

Stream this brand new release on Spotify and see more on Twitter and IG.

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Finding space to heal again: ‘Let Me Breathe’ from Makichi is a mysterious journey full of wonder

Makichi intrigue us all yet again on their latest alt-electro single named ‘Let Me Breathe’. The thudding knock-like sounds of a hammer smacking a wall is the start here what will certainly get you to sit up and take notice. With their band name meaning- Us-Who-What- they are a group that like to turn up the voltage of proceedings and be heard wherever they go.

The Iranian/French duo storm into the chilly lake of 2020, with a vibrating lightsaber of energies that Luke Skywalker would be proud of. The story of needing to get that extra fresh air after a traumatic time is woven all over their latest creation. Trying to let this pain go is proving hard as the dark ruins of current time loom larger over like a thunderstorm that won’t go away.

The vocals are magnificently portrayed with luster and there is haunting energy here as they want to laugh again but can’t right now until the healing process has finished its natural process. Sometimes this takes lots of time and might never truly go away. All you can do is find somewhere close to find that fresh air and brush off that stale air that has fragmented all over your tired soul.

With a chorus that is moody and brilliant, ‘Let Me Breathe’ from Makichi is a call from this talented couple for the world to calm down so that we can all get back into a relaxed state away from the tears, stress and heartbreak that has consumed most of us. All we can do right now is be around those that we trust and keep our hearts safe from more pain.

Hear this new track here on their Spotify and find out more on the Strasbourg based duo on their IG and Facebook.

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Missing that true love: ‘Waiting For You’ from Erick Beau is about that feeling inside you can’t shake off

Nova Scotia born Erick Beau sings from the deepest part of his heart on his new single called ‘Waiting For You’. His voice is quickly introduced to us as we hear the passionate Indie-Country lust for that sweet love. This is the story of a man who is madly in love with a special soul who is so far away from him right now. A true singer-songwriter who makes carefully thought out music for the love of the art form and has had many years to plan out his vision.

Taken off the long-awaited debut album ‘What it Takes’, this is the work of a man who has been biding his time to express his music to the world. A lawyer by trade but a true musician deep down, this is the culmination of many years work to get to his stage. 2020 has been a tough year for the world but one good thing has happened: Music like this with that acquired soul and class that you can’t teach.

He misses that sweet smile and those long conversations that fulfill the soul. This is that true love that you can feel inside your bones and it hurts when you can’t be around it. Those feelings are fluttering in the sky like a lost bird, you feel like your stomach is in tight knots and you desire that sweet touch again. All you can do is keep those happy thoughts inside and make a way to be together somehow. You can’t shake this off like a brief summer fling as this is the real deal.

Erick Beau sings with that authentic Americana style that is such a pleasant listen that makes your heart sad but thoughtful on ‘Waiting For You’, as you hope that he can find his love again.

Hear this fine release from Erick on his Soundcloud and follow him on Facebook and IG for more.

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Facing your demons head on: ‘Paradox’ from New Jersey musician Kevin Grace is the call to heal from within

New Jersey Alt-Rock singer Kevin Grace drops his debut ‘Paradox’ and this is a song to take notice of. The melodic kick drums starts up our blood flow again as we slip out of that lazy slumber that has befallen most of the world. You get the feeling that this is going to be something very deep and ultimately worthwhile. This is proven absolutely correct as Kevin’s gritty vocals are so real when you needed this sense of authenticity so much to give the battered soul a gold medal for once.

You feel the harmony and the sadness here but there is hope attached which makes this is an inspirational listen. The guitar’s electricity swirls around like a crashing sea, the lifeboat is ready and you just need to swim for a while to clear your mind from the smoke, booze and temptations that are sometimes too easy to say no. The journey to self-enlightenment is here and you feel that he wants it so badly. He is ready now and takes us along to see the sunrise that is so close to his eyes.

To fully heal and destroy those dastardly demons from your heart, you need the support of those close to you as you will need a hand from time to time as the reappear like a ghost in the night. Ultimately, you have to be the captain on this vessel and lead the way. It’s your life after all and ‘Paradox’ from Kevin Grace is a splendid self-aware song for modern times. To be the best version of yourself is hard work but the only way to be at peace with yourself and smile when you see yourself in the mirror. Hiding away is not an option anymore.

Support the journey on Kevin’s Spotify and see more on his Facebook.

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Leaving your home behind: Dallas based Jacob Whalen’s ‘Necropolis’ is the story of starting afresh in new surroundings

The beautiful piano simmers through and warms your heart. We are soon introduced to a singer-songwriter and composer who is a true creative. He sings about how wicked and harsh this world is as he emanates only peace and love. The story of a man that has found his voice, to show the world his stunning music, made with years of fine tuning to get the balance just right. Jacob Whalen’sNecropolis‘ will have you thinking about all of the sins of the world, and the pointless loss of life for no real reason.

With his digital artwork and virtual art shows taking up most of his time over the last 10 years, this crazy world of 2020 has unlocked a true artist, who shines like a burning candle on this release. Taken off the brand new full album- ‘Lord of Vanity II‘ -this is an ode to a fresh start, away from that familiar, stale and ultimately stagnant energy from a place that you needed to get away from. In order to fully blossom, you need to see the world and experience new cultures.

He voice is so powerful yet innocent at the same time, the passionate and emotion hangs in the air as you take on a somber tone and wonder why these things happen. The gentle background sounds only matches the energy during this special listen. This is a man who has been building to this moment and succeeds greatly.

Necropolis‘ from the multi-talented Dallas artist Jacob Whalen is a song that will inspire many as this is such an emotional song that delves deep into current issues in the world. This is a marvelous and vividly described song from an eloquent musician- who puts his heart and soul into everything he does. After all, being in the right town for your goals, is the smartest way to be truly happy each day.

Hear this emotional masterpiece here on Jacob’s Spotify and see more on his Facebook.

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Finding that perfect love: ‘Accent’ from R&B musician Whysohated is the story of knowing who you want to be with

The sound of the mellow acoustic guitar that fuses so sweetly with the R&B vocals that stimulates the mind rather effortlessly. He simmers into our lives with a mellow entry that will have you intrigued right away. R&B musician Whysohated takes us on a love journey that has a happy ending on his new song ‘Accent’.

His voice shows the growing passion he has for this special soul that has appeared in his life so suddenly. He is feeling the loyalty and good energy here. She feels like the right kind of person to be with right now, and is trying to hide any emotion, in order to keep in cool and not fall too hard, too fast.
With a sensual flow and the ability to hold his voice just right without getting too much for the ears, this is exactly the type of song to play with that love in your life. The candles are lit, the bubble bath is ready, the drinks are cold and the night is still young.
Finding that person to join your tribe is so important as there are so many fake people around that either what to be with you for your money, who you know or what you look like.

Being with someone that cares about you for you is the most vital thing to do for true and long last happiness. If they like your ‘Accent’, you are halfway there already and Anaheim, California native Whysohated sings us a melody that will be stuck in your head all day and perhaps all night too.

Hear this new track here on his Spotify and follow the music journey on his IG.

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Finding his voice in the music world: ‘Lately’ (Intro) from TYWU is a teaser R&B-Hip Hop track to start a new journey

The atmospheric beginning are a welcome listen for those tired souls out there who need a new role model to follow. This is the intro for something bigger, the poet who made music his home and wants to be the best at what he does. The Bronx, New York native flexes his muscles and finds his voice here, with a smooth start as he shows his lyrically ability in full force. TYWU introduces himself to the music world on ‘Lately’ (Intro) and this is a track all about knowing you have to put the work in to be the best at whatever you set your mind to.

”I always said if I got into music I can’t be like everyone else, I’ll stand out and be that one artist that actually has something to offer while still being able to serve our current era and demographic”. – TYWU talking about his music vision.

You know you need the building blocks first to achieve your goals and the extra steps needed can’t be missed out or the foundations will fall over. The young Emcee is forthright in knowing that he needs to put in that extra, as there is lots of competition out there in the Hip Hop/R&B world. Nothing is going to come easy this time.

The Poet who started writing at school and succeeded greatly, wining many competitions and gained the respect and adulation of his peers. Then, the creative juices started flowing towards the often stormy winds of the music game that are fraught with unforeseen winds, and many an ego to contend with. It feels like this is a smart young man who knows what he needs to do.

With a crystal clear voice and loads of lyrical skills in his locker, the door has swung open and he is eager to unleash his music to hungry ears who are keen to hear what the next generation has to offer. TYWU shows massive potential on ‘Lately’ (Intro) and if he can follow his own advice, the sky is the limit on what he can accomplish.

Hear this new single here on his Soundcloud and follow this exciting new talent on his IG.

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Reinventing himself: Virgin Islands Emcee Rio Thomas shows growing self-awareness on the Street-Hop single ‘Home Town’

The piano is so haunting and keeps the song in check for now, the crackling salt-shaker type background twists the track into a different realm of existing reality. Rio is running on the road, his fresh white sneakers stand out from his ominous surroundings. Is home really where the hate is? Rio Thomas explores this topic on his new track called ‘Home Town‘ and this is a riving listen, with a powerful video to back up the vision.

Taken off ‘RIYASA‘ and with excellent production from IYASA, this is track number 10 on the full album from 2020. Recorded in L.A, this was a release that was recorded in two days but you can’t even tell due to the excellent production that has been carefully constructed- to portray the full story of evolving as you grow in life.

His smooth bars are carefully constructed and the regret of previous lyrics are omnipresent in his flow. This is an Emcee that has grown up and learnt from his past mistakes, he realizes the power of words and how they bite hard at his spiritual chakra if they are thoughts that have no place in his heart or soul. This is a man who wants to be at one with himself so he can use these skills that have been given to him, he doesn’t want to add his name to other flamed our musicians, who had it in their grasp and threw it away.

The story of feeling love in so many places but not your own town is real and hits you back to reality. With so many jealous friends and enemies right in your face, it is hard to know who to trust. You need to keep your mind clear and smoke-free for a while, so you can unravel each part of your life and go for your dreams, as its your life after all. The true friends will reveal themselves in some unexpected places too which is a true representation of life’s journey, as you travel and move on from your former home that haunts you inside.

He fought the demons in his head and flipped the script on what he thought was possible. Rio Thomas drops one of the most self-aware Hip Hop tracks of the year on ‘Home Town‘ to show us that if you try hard enough, you can open new doors and be who you ultimately want to be as a man.

See this excellent music video on YouTube and follow Rio on his Instagram to see more.

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Anti-5G in full force: Felix & Cyko show their growing frustration on the raw and rebellious ‘Shotout’

There is fire everywhere, guns are casually swung around like kids toys, and the Rap-Rock is so ravaging and extremely raw. These young men are clearly angry with the world and 2020 has just added more paraffin to an already burning mosh pit of disillusionment. With job losses at record levels, so much hate around and twisted 5G news strewn all over TV sets globally, this is the worrying state of affairs currently for many. When drugs are easier to find than work, this creates a flaming fire-pit as Felix & Cyko join forces with Treeburke to light the fuse on this dangerous Halloween track called ‘Shotout‘.

The Rap-Rock is so fearsome and this is a video that you will either love or hate. The visuals are disturbing and the raps blow a massive whole into the speakers. The clear frustration is so obvious to see as these young rapper shred everything in their path on the streets of Pittsburgh.

Your eyes are opening wide here and this will be a song you won’t forget too easily. Love is furthest from their minds as the hate has split over like a tanker truck that has T-boned and flipped over, gas has filled the roads and the match has already been lit. Felix & Cyko are the match and with Treeburke’s help, have shown us a world that most of us had no clue existed.

See more of the modern rebellion against the current world here on the YouTube link and see more on Insta.

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