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In this moment forever: The First Impression fly gloriously above the clouds on the remarkable ‘Wishing Moments’

With their stunning vocals delivered with a classy appeal that opens up those sleepy eyes widely, The First Impression dream vividly of the future on the heart-stopping ‘Wishing Moments‘.

Tremendous Las Vegas, Nevada indie-pop act The First Impression, fluidly assemble that uplifting type of sensual music that grabs at your beating heart and pulls you closer to see more, their wondrous vocals have an exhilarating effect on you that is unexpected and hugely satisfying on your hungry palate.

Their vocals form as one on a sumptuous beat, you feel like you are flying happily in the moon-lit sky and looking into the striking eyes of a caring lover who you wish could stay next to you forever, your eyes are interlocked and you feel like you are stuck in time, floating in a happy state of ultimate bliss.

Wishing Moments‘ from the underrated Las Vegas, Nevada group The First Impression, certainly delivers on the aesthetic quality and you feel like you have heard a special song, that won’t easily be forgotten. They sing with such freedom and love as it propels you through all doubts up into the skies above, with that special one close by you, to help you through it all.

First impressions certainly matter and this is a track that gives you hope throughout all the current suffering. It feels like after a long hiatus, this is a sleeping lion that has reawakened and is ready to roar loudly again.

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His calling: Dezvelkito brings forth a positive message of peace on ‘Freedom’

With his meaningful voice rising above the obvious pain, Dezvelkito shows us the way to try and find ‘Freedom‘, so the anguish may be lifted away for the greater good.

Uscla Johnny Desarmes aka Dezvelkito, is a peaceful indie r&b New Jersey, USA-based producer, filmmaker, writer and singer-songwriter, who makes that thoughtful music, that he uses to help the world breathe and think about the positive vibrations.

With a calming nature, he delivers here with a stunning song all about wanting to love and to be unshackled from all the previous experiences with his ex lover. He wants to move on from their selfish ways and to be happy again, as sleep has been hard to enjoy, as this emotional moment has been weighing down heavily on his heart.

His voice flies in like a hungry bird that wants to makes his nest and be settled inside his soul again. The uplifting power fills your mind with previous nights you couldn’t sleep, when all you needed was that closure from all previous doubts and misery.

Freedom‘ from New Jersey’s Dezvelkito is a beacon of light onto a dark and gloomy world that needs so much healing. He sings with a passion that is unmatched and this is a song that will heal many, through this tough time in our lives.

Stream this thriving new single on Spotify and see more of his adventures on IG.

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Never give up: Nashville’s Catelyst send us inspiring story on ‘Until I Break’

Performing with a fiery attitude that leaves no doubt about their long-term intentions, Catelyst stay strong together amid the small-minded doubters, as they stride in hot with their lively new single called ‘Until I Break‘.

Catelyst are a promising Nashville-based indie EDM/hip-hop duo fused together by the talented singer/guitarist Olivia Floyd and skillful rapper/producer Carlos Powell. They make that thrilling music that has you hooked like a fish in the ocean, as their stirring sonic soundscapes crashes in enthusiastically, like a fresh summer wave you can’t help but love and ride as long as possible.

Her stunning voice echos warmly through the noise and the powerful production is a perfect beat for this glowing effort. His riveting raps shows district frustration amid dealing with doubters, as he simmers in with a verbal barrage that impresses mightily.

Until I Break‘ from Nashville’s indie EDM/hip-hop duo Catelyst, is that supremely catchy and thoughtful track you put on when you need some inspiration, as the relevant lyrics have you feeling that you are supporting the underdog, their raw sound is an action-packed adventure and you nod your head boisterously to the gripping sound you are curiously immersed in.

Never giving up from following your dreams is the only way to fully realizing your potential, as if you believe in yourself enough, anything is possible.

Stream this rousing new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

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Feeling real good: Minneapolis rapper Cashinova is dripping in confidence on ‘Flawless’

Showing us his flossin’ rap delivery to listeners enthusiastic delight, Cashinova is ‘Flawless‘ on the new CookiezNAliens-produced track taken off the twelve track album ‘High Speed Cash‘.

Minneapolis, Minnesota-based hip-hop emcee Cashinova, spits that lyrically supreme music that shreds down the walls of doubt and pulls you into his world, with mouth-watering bars and charm for days.

He raps with a extra kick in his step as he shows us why things have been going so well lately, his foot on top speed as he takes us for a speedy ride with his quick-fire style. The bouncy beat keeps your head nodding all the way, as you struggle to keep up with his rapid fire, that heats up the mic and burns the hands of anyone not on his level.

The story of a musician feeling like this is his time, the carefully constructed rhymes reflect a confident mood is crashing into break up the lazy rappers fun, as the extra work put in recently is paying of handsomely. With lyrics that show a man on the rise, this is the summer time smash hit that is played in rap fans cars, while cruising to the beach or to the club with the crew.

Flawless‘ from the marvelous Minnesota rapper Cashinova, is the type of hip=hop track that rips a wide hole in your speaker from all the realness, as he flows in with that extra determination that so many say they have, but struggle to even comprehend.

See this quality music video on YouTube and see more news on IG.

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Don’t tip them off: Canada’s Alicia Lov shows her bad girl side on the dangerously exhilarating debut ‘Criminal’

Her mind going darker from this wild world around us, Alicia Lov sneaks in with her debut single full of flair and intrigue called ‘Criminal‘.

Alicia Lov is a young and supremely talented Canadian indie r&b/pop singer/dancer/violinist/cellist with Spanish roots, who is surely on the rise to the very top, with her tremendous voice that picks your pocket with a cheeky wink and somehow leaves you smiling at the same time.

We are drawn into the story of her alter-ego, the girl that does what she wants and won’t stop until she gets there. The taste is already in her blood flow and she can’t get enough, her claws are out and once she has her mind on something she won’t let go. The trap beat gets the pulsating feelings snapped into action, as you handcuff your ears to the speakers and let her take you away, on this hazardous journey to the back streets of the world.

With sensual vocals that lifts you into a pleasurable but anxious state, her wild nature seeps into your heart as you feel her dissatisfaction with her current predicament, as she ponders the dark side. Her voice is translucent and exciting, you feel the mystique and her young impressionable mindset is weighing up which road to embark on.

Criminal‘ from Edmonton, Canada’s future star Alicia Lov, is that catchy indie-pop dance track that is full of potentially risky decisions that have made her think from a different perspective, as she grapples with these feelings that will hopefully make her wiser as she matures naturally.

With a sumptuously elegant vocal delivery, she dazzles with a debut track you won’t easily forget.

Stream this rebel single here on Spotify and see more on her IG.

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Feeling like a hundred grand: NiSa Pasha is feeling real good and ‘Rollin’ with her crew on this party starter

After the huge success of 2020’s ‘Godfather‘, NiSa Pasha elevates her music to another level on her fourth single release and this one will have you dancin’ while ‘Rollin‘ into the club.

Chicago, Illinois-based American-Albanian EDM singer-songwriter, rapper, nature enthusiast, artist and dancer NiSa Pasha, makes that fresh kind of music that comes from her unwavering belief, that she can do anything she sets her mind to. Her mindset is truly soulful and she sings with such passion and stunningly projected vocals, as you feel her absolute love for this exhilarating journey she has chosen to embark on.

This is the story of cruising with the ladies to the local club and ignoring anyone with bad vibes or with undesirable motives to selfishly drag you into their self-destructive lifestyle choices. The freeing way with how she sings is such an inspiration to all those, who think you have to do certain things in order to be cool. Her message is that of pure love and here is a grounded free-spirited woman, who is doing things the right way and not cutting corners on the way to the top.

Rollin‘ from highly motivated Chicago EDM singer-songwriter NiSa Pasha, is a party grooving track which shows us that if you feel good and you have a loyal team around to keep an eye out, you can achieve anything you want. With a fiercely independent energy and that extra willpower to achieve her dreams, you just know that this artist is headed up the stars.

Eliminating unnecessary distractions and the noises inside your head are challenging things to do, but with that inner self-discipline inside you, it is possible to work hard and have fun at the same time too. After all, feeling like a hundred grand is only going to help you open the right doors in life.

Hear this hot track on her Spotify and see the journey to reaching her goals on IG.

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That late night cruise music: Mon T swerves smooth in with the laid-back ‘Imma Ride’ (Prod. by Manuel)

Mon T turns on the lights and starts the engine with his evening flow vibe, that gets you nicely mellow via ‘Imma Ride‘ (Prod. by Manuel).

Oklahoma City-based original and free-thinking Hip-Hop artist Alex Montgomery aka Mon T, is a talented wordsmith that doesn’t like being pegged into any specific box and prefers to be known as someone who does his own thing. This is the refreshing mindset that sets him free from worrying about what anyone thinks ,as he makes music that truly moves him.

With a groovy-movie start to proceedings, this is a cinematic picture that soon bounces into step to blaze in hot, with a thoughtful soul that is lit with that easy-going riddle energy and does it with a smile on his face.

This is the story about meeting up with your friends and taking things up a notch, as you get slightly lubricated and decide to go and hang out where the trees are at. The complex raps are connected so effortlessly with a zip-lock smooth flow, that makes this such a smoothly trimmed listen.

‘Imma Ride‘ (Prod. by Manuel) from Oklahoma City emcee Mon T, is that late-night cruising vibe of a song that you put on when you are heading home after a long day of work or even better, to get you revved up for the day. His effortless lyrical delivery drops the post off on the front step and this is a particularly efficient style, that makes him so easy to listen to.

Sometimes you just need to ride and clear your head after dealing with so much stress so you can forget all your worries. Good music heals all problems if you take the time to turn it up and let it consume your soul.

Hear this chilled gem on Soundcloud and see his adventures with brownies and more via IG.

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The Western life: Daniel Cooper drops stunning visuals for ‘Cacti’

Singing from the heart and for a good cause, Daniel Cooper is back with the passionate new single to help raise funds on ‘Cacti‘.

Daniel Cooper is a Chicago-raised, Oakland, California-based former band member and now solo singer-songwriter, who sings with an admirable self-awareness and a comeback mentality, after being away from music a few years ago. He has that motivational edge to him and makes that soulfully relevant soundscape, that enters your world to teach you new things about yourself, you didn’t know before.

This is the story of taking your own journey, no matter if others understand it or not. Taking others advice is dangerous sometimes and this can cause you to divert from your end plan. Being yourself and doing what you feel is right, is the way to go as its your life after all.

”100% of profits from song purchases will be donated to the East Oakland Collective. The EOC is a member-based community organizing group invested in serving the communities of deep East Oakland by working towards racial and economic equity. Covid-19 relief efforts include daily distribution of food, sanitation, and household supplies to community members in need.”- Daniel Cooper

His vocals show us into his life and you can feel his passion throughout this uniquely worked music video, that shows us how much he values nature and wants to showcase it in the best light possible.

Cacti‘ from Oakland’s solo singer-songwriter Daniel Cooper, is an ode to those willing adventurers that aren’t afraid to take a risk in life, as their freedom of expression wipes away all self-doubt, to lead them to finding that elusive happiness.

See this quality video on YouTube and see more about his story on IG.

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Wanting so much more: Upper Reality is soulfully advanced on ‘You Don’t Trust Me’ (ft. Mother Wata)

Taken off her latest six-track EP called ‘Body Hi’, Upper Reality (ft. Mother Wata) returns to make us reflect about love with a stunning new single, that will have you gazing outside the window on ‘You Don’t Trust Me‘.

Upper Reality is an enchanting electro-soul producer, singer and multi-instrumentalist from Dallas, Texas, who now resides in sunny Los Angeles, California. She makes that sensually awakening type of engrossing music that makes your body shiver with electric energy and you know you have just listened to a special talent.

We are breezed into a true story about how some people just don’t trust you, even if you are so close and mentally intimate with them. The years of mistrust have broken down their soul and no matter how much you try and replenish their spirit with your plentiful energy, all you are doing is sapping your own glorious glow and ultimately wasting your time- as they are beyond broken. For a short time however when you are together, everything is good but long-term, this just won’t work.

With a skillful execution of her dazzling production techniques and smooth samples, that you makes you move your whole body and truly appreciate her captivating style, this is a track to embrace as it hits home with so much truth. Relationships are so complex sometimes and it can be frustrating to say the least.

You can feel her neo-soul influences and mixed with some house-jazz from her time in Cape Town, South Africa, plus her current LA-fusion, this is a truly original artist that blends all her travels and love for classic genres, into one big pot of glorious goodness.

You Don’t Trust Me‘ from LA’s indie-electro/soul creative Upper Reality (ft. Mother Wata), is a supremely gifted track with so much tender care taken, lovingly illuminate our inner senses. Her sensually classy vocals are a breath of fresh air, as you close your tired eyes and wonder how she sounds live and in you face.

The summer breeze is so sweet when things are going well but in the end, true trust is the main core element to any relationship that is going to help you grow and blossom into that pureness that eventually fulfills every part of you mind, body and soul.

Hear this wonderfully deep single on Spotify and see more on IG.

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Emotions run high: Alexis Perry brings tears to our cheeks and fascinates beyond belief on ‘Murder in Suburbia’

Taken off her brand new EP called ‘American Beauty‘, Alexis Perry pulls tight on your heart strings with the stunningly sad visuals for ‘Murder in Suburbia‘.

Charleston, South Carolina indie-pop singer-songwriter and vocalist extraordinaire Alexis Perry, makes that special music to urge your heart to heart a bit faster, while she grabs hold of it tight- to make sure you are really listening.

With a vibrant voice that you can’t shake off quickly, you get lost inside her creation and smile to yourself as you know you are seeing someone so beautifully unique, in this often fake copycat world.

Inspired by Southern American literature, murder mysteries, and astrology, this is a true creative that isn’t interested in filling any genre at all and instead, makes her own.

This is a music video that will wrap your head in plastic, as you try and work it all out like a Detective, only to realize that you have missed the point. When you come across a magnetically talented woman like this, instead of trying to fit it all into your own box, you need to instead let her run free to let the creation evolve, in order to see what happens next.

Her vocals tell a mysteriously fascinating story as she looks directly at the lifeless body wrapped in plastic- with lyrics about climbing through windows, sneaking into the dark of the night, tearing homes apart while she cries, is an emotionally scaring picture, as her voice shreds through your speakers and your eyes open wide. You feel her pain and keep on listening so close, as you immerse yourself into her story into the garage with the door shut- as you wonder where the story is headed.

In any good mystery story, you don’t get to the end after four minutes and fifty four seconds. This is a supremely talented musician who is slowly letting us in, to show us that she is only getting started and we need to be ready for the next chapter.

Murder in Suburbia‘ from South Carolina’s Alexis Perry is a stunning song and one that is sung so purely by a singer with so much potential, despite her young age. She seems like an old soul that puts her heart and soul into every note. We might be witnessing an emergence of special talent, right before our very eyes.

See this cinematic music video on YouTube and find out more via her IG.

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