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Indie artist Bonsai Bison trims off the edges with ”No Respect”

Bonsai Bison is a musician and visual artist based in East London in the UK. ”No Respect” is the new release for the newcomer in the music scene and this is an enjoyable single.

This is all about getting that respect that you deserve and not settling for anything else. This is a vital way to go about things otherwise you can go crazy. Being manipulated and hearing lame stories all the time that you know aren’t true is no way to live. This is experimental electronic music and I haven’t heard any style like this before. The beat takes me to a strange place and I am reflective and feel like I am in a far away place. Quite a lonely place.

Bonsai Bison is creating a niche for herself and this East London artist doesn’t conform to any particular box which is refreshing to see. There are some creative sampling here and I like the home kind of feel. This is an artist keeping busy during these crazy times and getting better and better.

Check out the Instagram page now for more info.

Click on the Spotify link to hear this new track from East London musician right now and more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Detroit Emcee Ebgbev drops deep debut ”Numb to the Pain” in memory of his late father

You feel the pain deep in your heart and all you want is for it to go away. You can’t make it go away so you drown it out and soon everything feels all numb. You sink in a hole and you think you are never going to come out. You miss that loved one. Will you be strong for them. Or will you sink in the quicksand and never reach your goals in memory of the one you lost?

I haven’t been feeling too much new Hip Hop lately. As a 90’s Hip Hop fan I miss the old school beat and the storytelling. When I turned on Ebgbev’s Numb to the Pain” for the first time I experienced a feeling I hadn’t for so long. This new track has a real story.

Ebgbev unfortunately just lost his father due to to horrible coronavirus pandemic that has changed the way the world works. This is a terrible loss and we extend our condolences to Ebgbev and his family.

After losing my own father back in 2001 I got emotional after listening to this song. The pain eases sometimes but it never really goes away. Ever. You always want that one more moment to ask the old man a question. All you can do is remember the good times and cherish his memory.

This new Hip Hop track is well executed and the beat captures the moment to perfection. It’s piano background adds to the picture that he has created for us. This is new school Hip Hop with a new school feel. I like the lyricism and I’ll be keeping an eye out for more releases from Ebgbev as we all should.

Detroit in Michigan has a new emcee to embrace. With his Pops looking out for him up above, the sky is the limit.

Stream ”Numb to the Pain” right here on Spotify to hear this deep track.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Ohio Rapper L.A.Shawn is back with quick fire ”Broken Dolls”

There is lots of laughing at the beginning of the new single and I wondered what was next. This is the genius of L.A.Shawn. You never know what is coming next and he raps with so much pain and meaning. He really has created his own genre and I’m not sure what the name is. Yet. It will come to me soon and in the meantime we are blessed to have more music from this emcee that is pushing music out as quick as the world is pushing out bad leadership. It’s happening real fast.

Broken Dolls” is all about memories that L.A.Shawn has from being young. A lot of them are of tough memories and ones that he thinks about. They haven’t defined him and this is a rapper who continues to evolve and change the game. His flow is so tight and you can tell he is real. ”Broken Dolls’‘ is a quality release for 2020 and one of the hottest Hip Hop tracks so far this year.

Stream this song and more from this prodigious artist who is pushing out songs at such a fast level. Check out his Soundcloud asap.

For news and to see where he is playing next it would be smart to follow him on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Mizuchi drops real new single about addiction with ”Morphine”

Addiction is a deep hole to climb your way out of. The detours are littered with tempting caveats and slightly open doors that you know you should avoid but end up sneaking in anyway. This topic is rapped through this new track from Mizuchi to effective levels that linger in your mind and ears.

Born and raised in Mumbai, Mizuchi found the inspiration for his moniker in the years of exposure to Japanese art and films. He shares its affinity with the name Varun in Hindu mythology.

Morphine” is the brand new hot release from this indie rapper who tells stories so illuminatingly right in your face. He is a true storyteller and has a unique style that I haven’t heard before. The production is raw and I’m sure was due to COVID-19. I like it though. I’ve always been a fan of music that sounds different and not so perfect. This is a good song and I admire the emcee for being so honest of his battles. It takes heart and self-awareness to get these issues out there. He could help people who is the point of music. Healing and being inspiring. Mizuchi just did that.

Click here to hear this track on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Rooftop J – We Going Up: Magnetically Connectable Smooth Hip Hop

Inspirational Hip Hop never gets old. As long as apathy still lingers in our society, we’ll need artists such as Rooftop J to grace the airwaves with high-vibe tracks such as “We Going Up”.

With the steady downtempo beats, a sprinkling of Jazz tones and the atmospheric depth of We Going Up, you’ll easily find the groove in the mix and be pulled along as you hang off Rooftop J’s every word. Their Rap bars parallel the mellifluous feel of the beats in the track which is bound to be of interest to fans of Mac Miller, Kanye, Drake, and Kendrick Lamar.

Ever since Rooftop J made their debut in 2018, they haven’t been short of acclaim, and it’s more than easy to see why. Their magnetically connectable vibe is inimitable.

You can check out Rooftop J’s single We Going Up for yourselves via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Mumbai producer Axesgray brings Golden Goddess on board for beautifully crafted ‘’Precious’’

Formed in 2017, ‘Axesgray’, is a popular producer all the way in Mumbai, India. A haven for cricket, this artist has broken through and is featured on lots of Spotify playlists which shows his knack for making some good music that is loved worldwide.

‘’Precious’’ features the stunningly voiced ‘Golden Goddess’ on this very mellow but enjoyable track. The song takes you on a deep journey, full of good energy and funky beats. ‘Axesgray’, a computer science engineer who is now fully immersed in music, much to his delight. He is clearly talented at this and a real natural.

Let’s see what else he can deliver as this producer is fantastic at what he does. By making happy music, he has opened up a door of delight, inspiring fellow Indian producers to up their game and learn from ‘Axesgray’.

Stream all of this on Spotify and enjoy the progression.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Romantic duo ‘Super Love’ are back with 5th single ‘’Ambient’’

‘Super Love’ is an American duo from New York, New York in the USA. Formed in 2019 by Constance Watkins (lead vocals) and Jared Watkins (multi-instrumentalist), they are back with their lovely ‘’Ambient’’ single, the 5th one from their exciting debut EP.

This is a soothing song and this sweet duo takes us through a journey, the song is very chilled and shows off Constance’s vocal abilities. You can see that these two love playing with each other and although they haven’t performed as a duo for long, they are totally comfortable while playing.

A brand new duo, they will go from strength to strength with more live gigs and events so they can see which songs work and some don’t. “Ambient” is a song about dealing with loss. It is melodically driven and the heartfelt vocals pair with a motown-groove jazz-fusion bass line, emphasizing that life continues even through grief. 

The band has been influenced by the local style of New York City, involving piano in their expressive sound and incorporating elements in their work from numerous subgenres, including punk and jazz. They live in an incredible city, one bursting with energy and the music scene is second to none. Let’s hope that this act plays as much as possible, so that they can light up more and get a chance to fully shine.

Here is the SoundCloud link to hear from ‘Super Love’.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Dylan Taylor rescues us with stunning ‘I Drive’

‘Dylan Taylor’ from the USA is a well established Country & Western artist with a stunningly pure voice. She has been a regular on the scene for a few years and sings with such heart. 

Dylan is back with her new release ‘’I Drive’’. This song is all about taking control of your life and to not let anyone else take charge of the journey, despite all the distractions and detours that you may face. 

‘’I Drive’’ is taken off her latest album-‘’Keep on wondering’’. This is a fantastic single with a great message during this tough time in the world. Dylan longs for us to take charge and be in control of your destiny, no matter what.

This is an established artist that is further cementing her name in the music game with this beautiful song that is full of love and real advice. I love how Dylan tells such descriptive stories, you can tell that she is so genuine and real. I would love to watch Dylan Taylor live while dancing along with the crowd, sunglasses on with a huge on my face. Dylan’s music gives you that feeling, her gorgeous voice catching your attention and taking you on a journey.

If you haven’t heard all her music then be sure to click on her Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Liverpool Popstar Sam George gets the dancefloors ready with sweaty with sexy ‘’Think About You’’

‘Sam George’ is a well established solo artist who is surely going to blow up in 2021. With a seductive voice and dance-laden music that just wants to be enjoyed. Based in the heart of the music capital, Liverpool in England, surely this is Sam’s moment to break out. The follow up to 2019’s popular ‘’Over the Sunrise’’, this is a solo artist with all the right moves.

Adding Indian flutes and with fellow Liverpool based producer Kova (Reece Cairns) on his team, this is a powerful combo that is working. This is fresh and shaven Pop with sexy lyrics. A true dance floor slider, the clubs will be full of Sam’s music when this lockdown finally passes and we can all enjoy being free again. 

‘Sam George’s face is going to be plastered all over billboards very soon and we should take note. He is part of a new wave of artists with a positive message and for that, we need to raise a glass and get involved. If Justin Timberlake ever needs an opening act while in the UK, he should call up Sam and make it happen.

Listen to proud Liverpool native Sam George here on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Intriguing Brighton Band 8udDha bl0od release ultimate movie soundtrack with ‘’M.:.c.:.8R3 M.:.573R’’

Sometimes you hear a song and it instantly strikes a chord, you feel like you have heard it before but you haven’t. Sometimes you need to just stop thinking and turn the volume up high. This is one of those times.

The ever-creative ‘8udDha bl0od’ from England are on a collective mission to push all possible boundaries. Or they are jamming out as mates, one of the two anyway. Whatever their mission is, it’s an absolute whirlwind of emotions when their music is in my ears. From that, I am truly fascinated and love the journey.

The song ‘’M.:.c.:.8R3 M.:.573R’’ Is rhythmic without ever feeling forced,  the groove is mellow and exciting at the same time. This is just plain ol’ good music to the ears. The band continue their extremely impressive music release efforts with another quality song for us to treasure and enjoy.

Hear more from ‘8udDha bl0od’ on SoundCloud and tell the neighbours to expect lots of noise.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen