PÆN Returns with His Prodigally Inspired Cinematic Single “You Speak Through Your Eyes”


If you’re as frustrated as me with the lack of authenticity found in the music of contemporary artists, then you may want to prick up your ears to the aural antidote to monotony which is PÆN’s upcoming single You Speak Through Your Eyes.

The London based up and coming artist’s style is slightly archaic, yet packs in plenty of innovative genre-bending twists which makes his soundscapes arrestive, irresistible, and irrefutably ingenious.

PÆN hasn’t made it easy for us to dissect the multi-layered single which sees their vocals switching from crooning to Indie Alt Rock versing and the psychedelic instrumental arrangements constantly ebbing and flowing through a myriad of experimental forms. It’s perceptible that PÆN had a lot of fun orchestrating the cinematic energy which the orchestral layers offered around the fuzzy transgressive Rock elements in You Speak Through Your Eyes.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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