Owen Petch – Let This Go: Melodically Swampy Indie Pop

In recent years we’ve seen the soundwaves swamped with swathes of up and coming Indie Pop musicians. Yet, I can safely say with Owen Petch’s latest single Let This Go he’s proven that he’s in an entirely different league. Yes, there’s a lot of moody people standing over synthesisers now and singers melancholically pouting into a mic. Yet, Owen Petch created a euphorically upbeat alternative with his latest single.

The Woking, UK based electronica artist began writing music back in 2016, he’s already treated his fans to two EP’s alongside his other single releases in which he creates a pioneering infusion of laid back synths around his unique vocal style. The vocals may be a little twee for some, yet, for fans of bands such as Smash Mouth will be in heaven with Owen Petch’s latest release due to the notable reminiscence, yet I’ll be honest, I’ve never heard an Indie Pop anthem as eccentric as Let This Go (and no I won’t let it go). As the track progresses, it constantly picks up momentum until the beat meanders into a more EDM arena with veracious swirls and drops alongside Petch’s vocal hooks.

You can stream Owen Petch’s latest single Let This Go on Spotify now

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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