Outerskies ft Gabriel James – Possibilities: The Haunting Harmony of Experimental Indie

Everything about Outerskies debut collaboration with Gabriel James is simply stunning. The highly experimental Alt Indie sounds went places no other sound has ever reached before in the orchestration of their stunning track Possibilities. The angelically ethereal plucking of the acoustic guitar around the clear cut hyped up beats created an incandescently light song, that’s lucidly transcendent. The vocals curtesy of Gabriel James are haunting as they drift between the discords thrown into the mix. I could quite easily listen to an entire album of the sweet sounds that together the collective has created which is arguably as fresh as the LA skyline. If you’re a fan of Perfume Genius, Angel Olson, London Grammar and Massive Attack you’re going to love this root-deep indie track. I’m pretty stoked to hear what Outerskies can pull off with his debut album now!

Check out Outerskies debut collaboration on SoundCloud using the link below:


Review by Amelia Vandergast

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