Outer Space visitors Burnt Umber Penumbra send electronic signals via music with ‘’Juno Morning’’

Very seldom does music give me chills like this. ‘Burnt Umber Penumbra’’ aka BUP is the name. Their self-titled album has recently dropped and I feel like the world is sleeping on this wave of magnetic energy forces, sent from a different galaxy.

Not much is known about ‘Burnt Umber Penumbra’. Perhaps they are hiding this away for now, building up their music collection before unleashing a wave of information and music to us mere mortals. I kind of like it when artists hide away, it makes my job harder but a challenge is always accepted. Music-wise anyway.

I feel like this band should focus on getting their music in a movie. From there, they will surely explode. Or wait to be discovered. No matter what they choose, this is really enjoyable music that puts you in a weirdly enthusiastic mood. Bring on more ‘Burnt Umber Penumbra’. A perfect name for a cat I’d say.

Get more Burnt Umber right here on their Spotify page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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