OTR Marr – Another Rapper: A Track That Isn’t What It Says on the Tin

South London, UK based rapper OTR Marr has just released his debut single Another Rapper, it’s an up-tempo, high vibe anthem for anyone with a penchant for gritty yet pumped urban sounds. It’s clear that as a rapper and as a songwriter, he’s got elemental flow and he knows how to put together a blindingly beautiful Hip Hop track.  The beat is composed with a labyrinth of warm layers that create a rich almost ethereal sound. If I had one criticism, it would be the slightly excessive use of auto tune that takes away from OTR Marr’s evident vocal ability, the auto tune allows his vocals to bleed into the track, instead of really allowing you to hear his passion and energy over the Trap style beat. But one thing is for sure, his talent makes him anything but just another rapper.

Check out the official video to Another Rapper on YouTube using the link below:


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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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