Oscar Soul Experience has released their tribally entrancing soul-funk jazz fusion single ‘What You Want’

‘What You Want’ is the latest tribally entrancing soul-funk jazz fusion release from Oscar Soul Experience which will send you back to when we used to assume that virtuosic artists sold their soul to the devil in exchange for their emotively rhythmic prowess.

Their vibrant jazz improv style pairs with fervently animated vocals which feel almost sermonic through the way they share the infectious energy as you listen to the unpredictably galvanising single run through. Oscar Soul Experience is to soul what Jim Jones was to cults.

The live recording of What You Want may fill you with envy for those lucky enough to find themselves in that room watching alchemic synergy spill between the powerhouse of artists, but mostly, you’ll find yourself gratified for the discovery for the exceptional ensemble.

You can check out the official video which released on January 25th for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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