Original Swimming Party Announce New Single ‘Biggest Curse’

Original Swimming Party joined forces with Moonchild Sanelly in order to create a lush, unique and fascinating single titled “Biggest Curse”.

The song is immediately striking for its stunning production value and accomplished arrangements. The rhythm section, in particular, is pretty edgy. The kick and snare lock in perfectly, creating a really crisp, yet hypnotic groove. The beautiful thing about the drum arrangement is that it is very dynamic: not just a loop over the song, but a really fluid structure that seems to follow the melodies like a roller coaster – it grows in intensity when needed, but it also knows when to take a step back and allowing other elements in the mix to truly stand out.

The bass locks in with the beats perfectly, creating a really outstanding backdrop for the many layers of synths to truly stand out. The melodic textures are lush and direct, serving the vocal melodies perfectly. Moonchild Sanelly really offers a powerful vocal performance that adds a lot of groove and spontaneity to this track. The vocals are far-reaching, direct and spontaneous, drenched in stunning effects and warm reverb tones that add space and depth to the lead vocal tracks and harmonies alike.

The vocal bridge before the song’s outro is also really remarkable, with great pitch-shifting effects and multi-layered vocals that add a dream-like vibe to this song. The ending is really unexpected, as the song keeps picking up pace and speed, just like a wild rollercoaster ride.

Clocking in at slightly over the 4-minute mark, Biggest Curse feels like a rich, in-depth and extremely textural song with lots of details. A couple of listening sessions in, and you start to notice details you might have missing previously, such as additional layers of drones and melodic synths, bass riffs or harmonized vocal hooks.

Original Swimming Party truly managed to impress me with their incredible blend of dream pop vibes, ambient and afro-beat grooves.

Original Swimming Party

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