One Night Won’t Kill Me: Virginia four-piece rock band Azure Wolf find their self-assurance with ‘Black Fur’

After recently signing to Pittsburgh label DI Records, Azure Wolf are back with their latest single that signifies their resilience as a band on ‘Black Fur’.

Azure Wolf is a female-fronted four-piece indie rock band from Winchester, Virginia. They skillfully filter out all the undesirable noise around them, to give us meaningful music that is so full of real soul and striking relevance.

“‘Black Fur’ is a deeply personal song that resonates more and more every time I sing it. For me, it’s a ballad of freedom and letting go of some of the darkness in my past. It’s a reminder to take off my mask and confront my demons. It feels good to finally release this one”.- Victoria Backle (Vocals/Guitar), Azure Wolf

This is story about staying strong no matter what, as you know that better days are ahead despite how you feel right now. We find a storyteller who has been wanting to express these emotions for a while and feels very relieved for it — with a fine band who back her up mightily — with a deeply satisfying soundscape of epic proportions.

Black Fur’ from the Apple Capital natives Azure Wolf, is a deliciously deep bite into a stirring song that shows us that loneliness can strike at any time — no matter who you are — as you search for that feeling of escape from those times you wish you weren’t going through.

With a stunning sound, gloriously elegant and honest lyrics with breathtaking vocals, this a quality effort that resonates so much to current times, as well as to the past that can’t define you.

Stream this new track on Spotify and see more news on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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