Oliver Marson reached the epitome of aural satire with his darkwave post-punk music video, Manipulator.

Taking the most frustrating threads of our social fabric and weaving a hypnotically euphonic darkwave post-punk earworm with them is no easy feat; by bringing his best Patrick Bateman energy to his sinisterly shot video for Manipulator, London’s Oliver Marson succeeded. The late-stage capitalist state of 2022 couldn’t ask for a better aural satirist.

Though visually, he makes a convincing sociopath that thrives on the stupidity of the prolifically dull minds and their emotion-driven tendencies. There’s no hiding his affable soul that always contrasts his dark textures and themes in his consistently addictive and eccentric tracks.

While the angular guitars reminded me why I fell in love with Interpol (Turn on the Bright Lights, obviously), the Editors-ESQUE anthemically crooned post-punk vocals drive up the hooky energy around the drone of the 80s vintage synths and the beats that are always snapping the lyrical heels of lines such as “there’s nothing left besides what you hate”.

It’s almost been three years since Oliver Marson appeared on our radar with the ultimate hedonist’s love song, Cocaine Romance. We never know what to expect, aside from resistance to conformity and unapologetic theatrical flair. As ever, we can’t wait to hear what follows.

The official music video for Manipulator premiered on March 29th. It is now available to stream on YouTube or add to your Spotify playlists.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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