Old School Hip Hop and New Wave Trap Combine in CiViL’s Latest Single “Guarantee”

Up and coming Hip Hop artist CiViL’s latest single “Guarantee” finds the perfect balance between New Wave Trap and Old School Hip Hop.

In Guarantee, CiViL laid down their angst-fuelled Rap bars on the solid beats which borrowed elements from Old School Hip Hop such as the ominous atmospheric tones. With the beats and the bars running clean with minimal effect, Guarantee almost has a freestyle feel which makes it all too easy to get hooked into the narrative.

It may be a short (and not so sweet) track, but within the 2-minute duration, you’ll see why so many Rap fans are drawn to CiViL’s deadpan Rap delivery which flows next to completely synergetic beats. Needless to say, the production on Guarantee is incredible.

You can check out CiViL’s latest track Guarantee which dropped in February for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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