”Oh!” is dazzling new dance-pop single from Nolan G. (feat. Mateo Centeno)

When you care about someone so much but they keeping on pushing back and it makes you wonder why. Perhaps the timing is wrong or they like a few people. Maybe you will never know. Maybe you should go deeper and try and find out what is going on inside. Or is this a road that you shouldn’t go down at all?

Oh!” is the brand spanking new single from Nolan G. (feat. Mateo Centeno) and it took me a few listens to get into it. Once I did however, I started dancing along and even tried out a new dance move in my lounge that I had been itching to do. This is a song all about the person that you care about but you aren’t sure if they feel the same way. Are they just playing you the whole time is the question here. You want them to care for you and if they don’t then the least they can do is let you down carefully and with class. This is a dance pop song that has good energy and I like the teamwork between Nolan and Mateo. They have a good vibe and let’s hope for more fun releases from the young pair.

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Stream this new song right here on his Spotify and hear more from this talented musician as he improves after each release.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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