O D Y S S E Y – Days in the Bazaar: Electronically Engineered Sun-Soaked Middle Eastern Beats

My love for Middle Eastern Electronica started with Infected Mushroom, yet, it may end with the up and coming Dark EDM artist O D Y S S E Y. Yet, no matter how much heavy overdrive that is kicked into the electronically fuelled mix, nothing strips away that transiently ethereal emotion which hits you in the form of vibrantly piercing Arabian music.

O D Y S S E Y’s latest single Days in the Bazaar which was dropped July 2018 will bring all of the sun-soaked exotica of the Middle East with some of the most Dub Soaked beats you’ve heard this year (or potentially ever). The progressive beat packs in plenty of dizzying drops and hooks, for you to truly get a taste of how dark Middle Eastern music could have always been.

You can check O D Y S S E Y’s latest single Days in the Bazaar out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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