NY artist Zach Zafuto sings into our hearts with ”Break My Heart”

Orchard Park, New York is the home of singer-songwriter Zach Zafuto and he is back with his 2nd single ”Break My Heart”. This is a fabulous song that that propels the young artist up the ranks of musicians in his genre.

Zach Zafuto is a singer-songwriter from Buffalo in New York State. He began performing live around town at various restaurants and bars, singing cover songs. In 2019 he began working with producers and other songwriters releasing his first single “One Plus One” a few months ago.

The US singer is on top form for this one and he sings with such heart and passion. This is a Pop-R&B heartbreak track of epic proportions. Zach is so in love but ”Break My Heart” is about someone that clearly feeling the pain from being let down badly. You know that the time is done but you are powerless to do anything. The time for healing has begun.

Stream this new fresh track here on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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