Nuvem Leopardo release psychedelic vibe track ‘Revolucao Interior’

Blending some West Coast psychedelic vibes through some solid and sleazy rhythm and blues, Leopardo is like a time machine that takes you back to the dark underbelly of the hippy dream. Whilst day-glow flower children were painting kaleidoscopic music across the 60’s sky, elsewhere in dark corners an alternative vision was being woven, acid laced and menacing and it is this that beats at the heart of Revolucao Interior.

Doorsian dystopian blues and hazy psychedelic grooves drive the song as the vocals drift half out of earshot, dreamlike and drifting. But this is less an exercise in retrospection more a journey through timeless reflection and exorcism as the music seems to tap into the primal heart of mankind and unleashes the dark urges that can be found lurking deep within music.

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