Noyou fly in with their reflective message on ”We’re So Sorry”

Sunderland, England is the home of Noyou and they lead the way with their fantastic new single called ”We’re So Sorry”.

With a synthy fuzzy electronic fun pop rock style, this is more of a real story. The track is of an artist that is sharing his feelings about racism and how he doesn’t quite know what to do about this situation. However through music, the message is clear. Sorry the world is like this and that it shouldn’t be happening. Hopefully things will change and through unity it can.

We’re So Sorry” from Noyou is a journey that takes you to a far-away place musically with a serious tone. With their music on BBC Music Introducing, I am so excited to catch this fantastic band live when venues open up again. The Sunderland group Noyou are an impressive outfit and with regular music releases, they are making their mark and fast.

Stream this brand new track right here on Spotify.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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