Nothing Concrete – Rich Man Rich: Narratively Captivating Folk Blues

“Rich Man Rich” from Nothing Concrete’s (Fergus McKay) upcoming album “Jumble Shop Tales” is potentially the most poignant single about capitalism I’ve ever heard.

There’s something devastatingly beautiful about the repetition of the words “that’s what all the ghettos in the world are built for”.  Whilst some of the lyricism is a little macabre this only adds to the weight of the sentiment; any fans of Nick Cave are sure to appreciate Nothing Concrete’s approach at driving the brevity of disparity home.

Instrumentally, you can expect a quaint arrangement of acoustic sound which progresses in a Folk Blues style with elements of jazz which create a captivatingly concordant soundscape. So, despite the less than cheery subject matter in Rich Man Rich, you’re still treated to an upliftingly soulful composition.

You can check out Rich Man Rich which was released October 6th for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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