NOTFUNK Release Their Latest Sticky Sweet Synth Wave Drop “On My Own”

Any fans of harmonically infused emotively mastered Synth Wave Pop will appreciate the latest single “On My Own” from up and coming artist NOTFUNK.

Uniquely, EDM track allows the lyricism to be the main focus, as NOTFUNK use the lyrical verses allow you to follow a poignant narrative with the light analogue synth notes carving out progressive melodies complete with euphoric drops.

Erica Rosa Cappiello’s vocals sit high above the mix which composer, producer and sound designer Tiziano Cappiello crafted, with the artist’s deft talents combined On My Own serves as an antidote to the sterility so commonly found in EDM music. It’s perceptible that they allowed their creativity and expression to carve out a soundscape which won’t fail to resonate as organically indulgent.

NOTFUNK’s latest single On My Own will be released on June 21st and will be available to check out here

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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