North Wales pop artist Finnlay K hopes they will be at the end of the line too on ‘I Think I Do’

Sung with a harmoniously enjoyable energy that shall take you to a better place in time, Finnlay K returns with a catchy single that might be stuck in your head for ages on ‘I Think I Do‘.

Finnlay K aka Finnlay Kulavuz is a Rhyl, North Wales-based indie-pop singer-songwriter who has a smooth style that will breeze into your spirit rather wonderfully.

One of the rising young underground artists in the UK scene, Finnlay K, shows massive potential with a relaxing vocal blend that is supremely natural and fully packed with heaps of pulsating promise.

I Think I Do‘ from Rhyl, North Wales-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Finnlay K is a superbly projected single that has been made with that extra class that we have all been waiting for. Each note is crisp and from the heart, as he instantly puts us into a happier frame of mind than before.

Wishing for the true contentment to be there when the line is drawing to the end, this is a genuine message for us all to think deeply within as we look inside our own lives.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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