Nora Anna – Apple From the Tree: Archaically Arrestive Jazz-Infused Neo-Soul Indie Pop

There’s something intrinsically personal about up and coming singer-songwriter Nora Anna’s approach to songwriting.

There may not be many artists who can turn their soundscapes into authentic one-way conversations which allow the listener to make a meaningful connection. But we can count ourselves as lucky having Nora Anna’s latest single “Apple From the Tree” on the airwaves.  The single incorporates a smorgasbord of different influences, from Pop, to Jazz, to Neo-Soul, to Indie, you’ll find all that and more in their latest archaically delightful aural treat.

The first thing which will hit you is Nora Anna’s naturally captivating and simultaneously soothing vocals which carry plenty of emotion. In the case of Apple from the Tree, they’ve been put to good use reminding you that you’re more than just your genetics. (In a far more lyrically delicate manner than what I alluded to there. Sadly, I don’t share Nora Anna’s soulfully pure ability to give you a brand-new perspective on the human condition).

You can check out Nora Anna’s latest single Apple From the Tree for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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