No Sense Of A Home: Captivating Chicago singer-songwriter Morgan Pirtle would rather run away than be ‘Lost In A World’

Sung with genuine connection and palatable vocals that might have you exuding a small tear, Morgan Pirtle is at her caring and beautiful best with an honest track about finding your way in this strange place we call home with ‘Lost In A World‘.

Morgan Pirtle is an award-winning indie folk/jazz solo artist and storyteller who is based in Chicago, Illinois and sings with such astonishingly real essence on each one of her elegant pieces of art.

Morgan is a Luminarts Fellow in Jazz and a Downbeat Student Music Awards Winner.” ~ Morgan Pirtle

This is the sweet story that so many of us will definitely relate to. Trying to find that cosy home that makes you feel so warm inside all your bones – seems so much harder than before – as you just feel like running away sometimes but aren’t sure where to go.

Morgan Pirtle shows us her incredible angelic soul in full view with this mesmerizing effort that shall have you feeling so much more relaxed than before. She is on top form with a scintillating display that has authentic lyrics of self-examination, which is a soul-healing gem of an experience that is notably exceptional.

Lost In A World‘ from the Chicago, Illinois-based indie folk/jazz solo artist Morgan Pirtle, is one of the more enjoyable listens from 2021. This is a hugely underrated young woman who sings with such a lovable style which gives you happy shivers, as you just lay back – and let her take you into her vividly-described world – that is saturated with that rare kindness we all need to admire.

Hear this fine new release on Spotify and see more via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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