No Friend To Me: 9LINER brushes away the fake silver spoon society on LOYALTY

Produced by FREEK VAN WORKUM, 9LINER values the real over the false tales, which can take many content souls away from where they were headed in the first place with LOYALTY.

9LINER is a 27-year-old North East, UK-based indie hip hop artist who seems to summon the lyrical gods on each one of his meaningful soundtracks.

My inspiration for becoming an artist are mainly people like Ryan Upchurch, Adam Calhoun, Brantly Gilbert Jelly Roll real people with real lives, and not some celebrity flashing their cash sitting in the newest car talking about how many diamonds they have in a watch.” ~ 9LINER

Instilling so much emotion into our lives with a flourishing display of note, 9LINER rocket launch themselves into our galaxy with quite sublime performance to tell the whole neighbourhood about.

LOYALTY from North East, UK-based indie hip hop artist 9LINER is a superb track which will wake many sleepy souls up. Smashing through all barriers and slicing through all eardrums, this is a totally enjoyable track to inspire many to be better friends. Powering in with tons of energy and thrilling our senses rather exponentially, we find a dynamic single to turn up rather loud and proud.

Hear this fine new single on YouTube. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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