NIX Releases Smooth, Chill And Mesmerizing Track “Don’t Wake Me Up”

Nix’s brand new fresh tune “Don’t Wake Me Up,” from her album “The Shift” is a one of a kind mixture of sonorities that you just can’t categorise under any one style. It is current, smooth, cinematic, etherial and also contains interesting elements of dub thrown in the mix as well.  It is impossible to try to put this song in a box and this breaking of boundaries and mixture of elements is what makes it so authentic and one of a kind.

The artistic vision behind this song is clearly crafted with very convincing compositional and production techniques. Simultaneously the vocal part is smooth, luscious and etherial, adding to the hauntingly beautiful mixture of sonorities. With a wide use of sonic space, an interesting choice of ethnic sounding instruments to highlight specific moments and a brilliant underlying cinematic sense, the song is mesmerising, and not lacking of a catchy chorus either. Listen to “Don’t Wake Me Up” now on Spotify and I guarantee you will not be disappointed !

Sarah Marie Bugeja

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