NinaReed – Hot Coco: Ambient Transience Entwined with Urban Groove

NinaReed’s sound isn’t one that’s easily forgotten. After discovering her ground-breaking single Fire which dropped earlier this year I’ve been gripped in anticipation to hear her next release of experimentally cathartic soundscapes. And sure enough by mixing an urban groove with ambient transience NinaReed has created yet another blinding single with Hot Coco.

With one of the most harmonious Trap melodies I’ve heard unfold, the track progresses with NinaReed’s voice in perfect rhythm with the beat. Waves of reverb sat atop of the beat to create a lucidly alchemic feel that stands as testament to the emerging artists talent. Her vocals were smooth, yet ethereally piercing at the same time. While you slip into the Soulful instrumentals the lyrics are more than enough to keep hold of your attention, the narrative styling of the lyrics fed even more energy into the rapturously laid-back beat.

You can check out NinaReed’s latest single which dropped in July 2018 on SoundCloud now

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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